6 Ways To Benefit From Strength Training

Strength trainingMany who haven’t tried strength training on a regular basis have still seen photos and videos of those who have. The most obvious features that body builders have are increased muscle mass and a desirable appearance. There are more benefits to strength training than what can be seen by looking at the bodies of those that do it. The following describes the 6 benefits of strength training, which includes benefits that aren’t as obvious to those that haven’t tried it.

1) Increased Abilities

With more muscle mass comes an increase in being able to do things that require muscle. Everyday physical tasks can be handled more easily. Things like moving furniture around or carrying items become easier. Such tasks can also be done more quickly. A person who does strength training exercises might be able to carry two boxes at a time rather than just one.

2) Less Body Fat

Many people already know that it isn’t healthy to have too much body fat. Strength training burns calories and helps you lose belly fat. The fat is replaced with lean and useful muscle mass. Strength training is known to increase a person’s metabolism. That means calories and fat won’t build up as quickly. That can help prevent heart attacks and diabetes. With less body fat, a person can fit into clothes that they might not have been able to fit into before.

3) Improved Figure

A reduction in body fat is often an important aspect of improving a person’s figure if they are already overweight, but there’s still more. Muscle mass is often considered more desirable than leanness alone. A muscular person appears healthy and is often also considered as being attractive.

4) Better Health

The health improvements that are associated with strength training are considerable. Strength training is known to decrease the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. It is also known to improve mental health and to decrease the possibility of injuries. An increased metabolism and a reduction in body fat, along with low carb diets, contribute significantly to the physical health benefits that can be achieved through strength training.

5) Fewer Injuries

With increased muscle mass also comes increased muscle control. A person with stronger legs is more likely to regain control rather than falling after their feet run into something unexpected. The ligaments and tendons are likely to be stronger in a person who does strength training exercises. That means that they are less likely to be injured. Strength training has been known increase a person’s flexibility which also contributes to fewer injuries.

6) Improved Mental Functioning

Many people don’t realize that strength training exercises can actually improve mental functioning. That might be because the physical effects alone stand out so much. Studies show that strength training lessens anxiety, promotes self-esteem and significantly lessens chronic fatigue. It’s also known to improve memory and cognition. Better sleep and increased blood flow rate in the body as a result of strength training contribute to these positive mental benefits. People who practice strength training exercises often fall asleep more quickly and their metabolism is higher when they are sleeping. Increased blood circulation to the brain and proper rest are known to help with mental functioning and such factors are likely to occur when someone does strength training exercises on a regular basis.

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