Low Carb Meals: Healthy, Tasty Foods You’ll Love

Low carb diets are often though of as being boring and unsatisfying, but that’s not true. Eating low carb meals doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor or walk around feeling hungry all day, especially when it comes to dinner. There are various types of low carb diet, which means they can be tailored to fit your tastes, making you more likely to stick with the plan.

meat and asparagus saladBefore starting your low carb diet you need to understand what low carb means so you know what you can and can’t eat. Then you can choose the diet that’s right for you and will enjoy what you eat.

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When you eat low-carb you restrict your daily carbohydrate intake, which means eliminating foods that are high in starch and sugar. These types of carbs are known as simple carbs and include bread, pasta, rice, sugar, potatoes and even some fruits and vegetables.

Although that is a large group of foods you can’t eat, there are still plenty you can eat that will help you feel full and taste really good. The foods you can eat include, eggs, avocado, poultry, meats, fish, olive-oil and cheese. Seasonings and spices, like garlic, pepper, onions and more, are allowed in unlimited amounts too, so you can really pack every bite with flavor.

Plus, some low-carb diets allow small amounts of complex, or good carbs, like brown rice, whole meal bread and whole meal tortillas. These foods break down better in your body and let your body use fat for fuel, which is why thay are called good carbs. When choosing your diet you can opt for either a low-carb, high protein diet or low-carb, low-fat diet. Whichever one you choose you will still have a large range of choices. However, with the low-fat, low-carb plan you will have to eat low-fat cheeses and lean meats only.

Once you choose a plan you can start planning some tasty low carb dinner meals. Dinner is the last meal of the day, so you want to make sure you make something that is brimming with flavor and really fills you up. Otherwise you will get hungry and end up snacking late at night, which can really sabotage your diet.

When eating low carb it’s a good idea to start off with an appetizer first. A crisp salad with mozzarella and tomatoes is a great option to start of your meal. It is quite filling and contains just the right amount of healthy fat. can even be served if you have guests over. If you are having company you can make it look fancy by laying lettuce leaves on a plate, then alternating slices of mozzarella and tomatoes on top, creating a “tower” design. Top it off by drizzling the dish with some olive oil and sprinkling fresh basil and your all set.

Another good choice when it comes to appetizers is a simple soup. Packaged soups contain lots of carbs and tons of sodium, but you can make an easy home-made soup that eliminates carbs without sacrificing flavor. Start by making a chicken stock: boil water and left over chicken bones in a pot, then reduce and cover,letting it simmer for 30 minutes. Once it’s done add low-carb vegetables, like peppers or mushrooms for a satisfying starter meal.

Now it’s time to concentrate on the main course. You should make meat or fish the center of the dish, just like you would if you were preparing a high-carb meal. In fact, many of your favorite high-carb dinner meals can be converted into low-carb meals.

A good example of this is pot roast. Pot roast consists of the roast, with potatoes, cauliflower, carrots and cheese. So all you would need to do is eliminate the potatoes (and cheese if you are doing low-fat). Otherwise, load up on vegetables and grate cheese over them and you are ready to eat.

Plus, when you’re done you can have some low carb dessert. Many people believe because your eliminating sugar and flour that dessert is a no-no, but they’re wrong. There are plenty of sugar substitutes you can use to adjust some recipes, like low-carb cheesecake. Also, sugar-free Jello is allowed anytime, so you have two great choices right here.

As you can see, low carb meals can be fun and satisfying, which means you can eat healthier without sacrificing flavor, so bon appetit!

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