How Does Low Carb Dieting Work?

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There are a lot of reports which are telling that low carb dieting actually works. There have been many successful low carb dieting plans from William Banting in the 19th century through Jonny Bowden’s Metabolic Factor weight loss program. This particular low carb dieting program has helped more and more people to lose weight but the question here is, why does low carb eating work? Here are 2 primary reasons why low carb eating works.

1. Less Hunger- Fewer Calories

There are a lot of people who thing that low carb diets are actually high protein diets. For some diet programs, this is true but it is not always the case. Aside from that, there are several low carb diet programs that recommend not taking too much protein content since it can cause damage to the kidneys.

So where does the body gets the energy to function well? The answer here is fat. This may seem crazy but just read along and you’ll know why it makes sense.

Fats gives an individual a satisfied and full feeling for a long period of time after meal and this makes a person to crave less to eating more foods. Therefore, if you take more fats, then you will be satisfied in just having smaller meals containing fewer calories. By taking more fats, you will be feeling satisfied and you will less likely want to have a snack in between meals. Also, you will need fats when following a strict low carb diet program because this will be the body’s source of energy.

2. Eat Fat to Make the Body Use Fat

It’s not all about calories as to why low carb diet programs work. One of the main reasons that they work is because of the high fat diet routine. When the body is not getting enough glucose from foods, then the body will now enter the process of lipolysis or ketolysis in which the body will use fats as a source of energy.

Since low carb diet programs will restrict you from eating carbohydrate rich foods, then the body will use your fats as energy for the body to function normally. When the body is under this process, it will start converting fat into glucose to use it as energy. Therefore, you will start losing more weight effectively every time you work out. This does not just apply on working out but it also applies on any kinds of activity that you are doing each day.

Those are the 2 major reasons why low carb diet programs work. First, you will be feeling less hungry or you will less likely crave to eating more foods. Second, you will be losing weight on anything that you do in a day since the body will use the fats as energy.

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